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Entry #2


2009-12-04 05:14:54 by Avec-Foxx

I've posted Ogremi Reunion and it flags it saying that the Artist hasn't been scouted yet.

I wonder if thats a good thing or something I should be worried about o_O

Otherwise, I found my old account and been toying with that, now that I got this one, gonna let the other drop :P


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2009-12-04 06:05:09

You need four more works to be scouted, so keep submitting. ;) And they'll have to be pretty good if you hope to get scouted.

Avec-Foxx responds:

Dear christ, someone said something in me newgrounds and I didn't even seee!!!!!! D:
I've been posting a webcomix thing on my Deviantart account, alot of copy and paste stuff. I am working on a 'Last Stand' picture done in Sonic's World.
And maybe a flash game called MARS4 set in the same universe, but meh, gotta learn the thing-mo-bob :3