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2009-09-06 10:57:28 by Avec-Foxx

Orginally, I made an NG account to make one or two comments, couldn't ever remember how to keep my account info up and running, and since I had no talent whatsoever in the this disease thats thick around here called 'flash', I honestly didn't know what to do with this thing.

Then theres the art portal.

Well, I've a deviantart account, I've posted a few scraps here and there, but I've not really been inspired as I used to be, much of my time is either working like a dog, writing up a storm. However, I still want aid in making a flash movie that still plays out in my head everytime I hear that soddin'song "I don't Care," by Apocalpyica.
I may find time for it, I may not, but as soon as I can muster the monies, I'll be throwing up my own animation so I can catch this ever famous 'flash' disease.

Till then, I leave you this one digitial art, "Ogremi Reunion," (if you can call it that) as a place holder. :)

I don't draw humans, if you managed to find my Deviantart account, you'll know why. :P


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